Hot Flow Yoga

Hot flow Yoga is a class of yoga usually known to teach the fundamentals and basics of Vinyasa yoga. It is built upon movements used to connect poses or transitioning from one pose to another in a continuous flow. The objective itself is the flow, and this is the reason why some studios would call it flow yoga or vinyasa flow.

Concentration and Comfort

Serious concentration throughout the class can help build the mental focus that is part of this style of Yoga. Hot flow yoga takes place in a room with comfortable temperature, where the yogis switch between balancing postures, seated poses, inhalation, and exhalation. With the brisk movement, heat in the room, the dimmed lights, incense and music the body generates a lot of heat.

Increase Flexibility – Release Tension

The heat in the room and the heat generated by the body is meant to warm and soften the muscles and tissues to allow flexibility and free movement and also to aid internal cleansing. One does not have to be flexible to start practicing yoga but can expect to become very flexible from practicing a couple of months.

There is a class to suit every body type, level of experience and temperament. Hot flow yoga classes typically last for 60, 75 and some 90 minutes depending on the class. Usually, one session would include about 20 to 30 poses in one hour, which is much more than any other yoga styles. This allows the body to get much more effect and release more tension.

Vinyasa movements are smooth, they follow a rhythm and flows are easy as long as the participant stays hydrated all through the sessions. Hot yoga re-energizes your body, and help release the body from blockages. These classes are however not suited for pregnant women or for children under age 14.

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