All You Need To Know About Bikram Yoga

Have you ever wondered what Bikram Yoga is and should you try it? These are the most important aspects you should know and consider before you start practising Bikram yoga.

Bikram yoga is often referred to as hot yoga. It is a ninety-minute yoga class, where yogis do repeatedly 26 different poses in 35 to 40 Celsius degree studios. Hot yoga is associated with detoxification, weight loss, more calories burned and increased flexibility. However due to conditions of practise, Bikram yoga is not for everyone. These are the things one should consider before signing up for Bikram yoga class in Albany.

Hot conditions

Individuals who have heart issues and do not respond well to hot conditions (35-40 Celsius), should be extremely careful. One should stay well hydrated and acclimate slowly to the heat. Heat and humidity mimic Indian climate, so that yoga can be practised under optimal and original conditions.

You may feel kind of sick

Because intense practise, heat and long sessions, you may feel sick. If you feel light-headed, nauseate, confused or have cramps during yoga practise or after the yoga sessions, you should have a break. This goes especially to beginner yogis who have to acclimate better to hot yoga and intense practise.

Drink lots of water and stay well hydrated

If you decide to go for hot yoga, you should stay well hydrated and drink gallons of water with added minerals, vitamins and electrolytes, as you sweat it out through practise.

Bad smell all around you

Every Bikram yoga studio has a soft and comfortable carpet instead of hardwood floors. Due to heat, people tend to swat a lot so the room may have sweaty odour smell. However, most of the studios have antibacterial carpets which are cleaned regularly, so don’t sweat about it.

You must come early

To prepare yourself mentally and physically to hot yoga, you should get to the studio at least 30 minutes before the session.


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