Naked Yoga, A Unique Part of The Yogic Tradition

The term yoga pertains to a series of physical, spiritual and mental disciplines that originated in India, in the times of yore. There are a lot of yoga schools, with practices, and goals of their own. In faiths such as Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism, the practice is widespread. The more important schools of yoga are Raja Yoga and Hatha yoga.

Yoga, Origins

Yoga is believed to be originated in the pre-Vedic times, that is sometime between the fifth and sixth centuries BC, in the form of certain ascetic movements. It was Swami Vivekananda who introduced Yoga to the west, in the early 20th century. It became widely popular in the West during the 1980s, in the form of a set of physical exercises. However, it goes beyond mere physical exercise and has spiritual and meditative implications. Due to yoga’s popularity all over the world, the General Assembly of the United Nations established 21 June as the “International Day of Yoga,” by common consensus.

Naked Yoga

Naked yoga is also known in Sanskrit or vivastra or nagna and is essentially practicing the discipline without wearing any clothes. There are many who practice it, both in nature or in the privacy of homes. Naked Yoga is also conducted in groups, in increasing numbers. The practice has become extremely popular, especially in the western region where social nudity is more familiar.

Naked yoga ought to be considered the accepted dress code where yoga courses are conducted, differing from various times as well as yoga directions. The motivation to practice naked yoga is through the recognition of the body with its many imperfections as also to open the mind. This unique discipline symbolizes the separation of the human body from all kinds of worldly possessions to help all those who accept it and practice it in order to calm their dynamic minds. In fact, this is a key goal of the practice of yoga and as such not easy to achieve.

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